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Devonnen Bultiniillicsgar

Ann Hoffmeister 

Enjoyed meeting you in Sun City, yesterday. It was especially fun to hear the ‘stories’ behind the story. Thank you
for sharing how you selected the book cover. LOVED your book and look forward
to the next one! In the meantime, I am telling all of my friends to read, Untying the Moon.

Colleen Collina 

I purchased 2 seats for your event at the Sonesta Resort. I am looking forward to hearing you speak with
Pat Conroy! I will be purchasing your book there. Wishing you all the best! As they say on Broadway “break a leg!” Really!?! Don’t. Have a great “coming out ” party as an author! Love and best wishes to You!

Gregg Morton 

Ellen- I read the Island Packet as a “longing to be citizen” of the low country. From that article about the release of your book, I have now been introduced to you. The only work I have read of your’s was the the tribute to James Dickey which was linked by that same article. I look forward to a deeper introduction by reading your novel. Peace to you and take care.

Alice Heyward 

I hear the waters of the Jericho River calling my name….


Roy Darby 

I am so looking forward to Untying the Moon. I know I will be unable to separate the delicious southern grace of the author I know from that of the protagonist. I’m glad you are going to share your wonderful spirit with the greater world in this way.

Love always,



Hey Dr. Malphrus,

I’m looking forward to reading your novel. I love the addition of the photos on here. This is great. :)


Awwww me Ellen!! So very,very happy for YOU. Love, kisses and best wishes.

Andy Fishkind 

Congratulations on the website launch!
I’m very excited and looking forward to October.


So excited! Can’t wait.

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